Pioneers of secure business solutions
that give our customers a competitive edge.

Cloud Kickers is a vendor neutral consultancy and delivery partner tackling the challenges of the new digital era head on by crafting bespoke solutions to meet the individual needs of global businesses, and delivered to our IRONCLAD standards.

Cloud Kickers can help you achieve your business #digitaltransformation in a period of radical changes in both technology and #software supply chains.

Blended services

The digital sphere is constantly evolving, but we believe that every business can keep up with the changes by engaging with a forward-thinking, creative-led consultancy that places individual business needs at the heart of what it does.

Cloud Kickers consists of leading individuals within their elds, having worked with some of the world’s most eminent organisations.

Together, we can deliver cost-effective, bespoke solutions that can help to drive your business with minimal cost, time and risk.



As a team of highly skilled system architects, project managers and creative designers with experience working in Fortune 500 companies and with some of the largest enterprise systems in the world, we have what it takes to deliver your business and digital transformation.

We work to deliver your core objectives by utilising decades of industry and sector know-how to move through the system design implementation and integration process quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising on quality.

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The way your business operates is evolving, and so should the software that you use.

Here at Cloud Kickers we see our job as designing, implementing and optimising solutions that are brilliantly simple.

We are leading software architects dedicated to bringing world-class technology to small and medium size companies with minimal cost, time and risk.

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Electronic devices are a vital part of your business’s operations.

Our engineers have provided hardware solutions for devices used daily by hundreds of millions of people globally.

  • Mobile | Cameras specialising in high-end applications involving auto focus, optical image stabilisation and 3D sensing.
  • Automotive | Cameras for rear view, surround and e-mirror applications.
  • LCDs | Mobile and industrial applications.
  • Wearable | Ultra low power Memory LCDs for wearable applications.

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At Cloud Kickers, our dedicated creative design team works to ensure that the way your system or device looks is as much a part of the development process as its functionality.

We create engaging solutions that users want to use; improving the quality of the communication between you as an organisation and your users.

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Industry Insight

The API economy is
a platform enabler

We live in an API economy, a set of business models and channels based on secure access of functionality and exchange of data.

APIs make it easier to integrate and connect people, places, systems, data, things and algorithms, create new user experiences, share data and information, authenticate people and things, enable transactions and algorithms, leverage third party algorithms, and create new product/services and business models.

Next Gen
ERP Consultancy

The rate of change in the 21st century is unprecedented. This is reflected in the way that organisations do business.

Technological innovations fundamentally change the way we live and work. They bear enormous potential for economic prosperity and social progress.

Cloud Kickers has been formed to provide consultancy services and secure business solutions to meet the challenges of the new Digital Era and API economy.

Mobility supports
business growth

Cloud Kickers works with businesses considering:

  • Investment in mobile-enabled technologies will focus on supporting business growth
  • Mobile-enabling workforces to stay competitive
  • Business models will be changed by mobile technologies supporting employee productivity
  • Mobile consumers will transform our business models
  • Location-based technologies to enhance our mobile propositions and services